Climate and Well Being

    The world-wide leader in the production of burners and one of the major European players offering products and services in the heating and air-conditioning market. Riello Group takes pride in its 9 production sites, provides employment for 2,200 people, owns 4 permanent organizations abroad, has a commercial network comprising 13 International Companies and has customers in over 60 countries.

    Riello Group is firmly focused on product innovation, through its own Centers of Excellence as well as Combustion, Boiler and Cogeneration Research Centers.
    While continually paying attention to energy saving and the impact on the environment, Riello Group has for some time now focused its attention on cogeneration and the use of renewable energies, in particular solar panels. In fact, today the company offers state-of-the-art technologies for the most sophisticated heating and air-conditioning systems, where it is working to set new standards in terms of efficiency, reduction of energy consumption and protection of the environment.

    Riello Group offers reliable, solid, long-lasting technology but also customized service where competence, trust and ability are factors of excellence.