Heating technology is going through a phase of great changes. Greater attention is being placed on energy saving and protecting the environment. The Company top management has fully recognized the importance of these new challenges and opportunities deriving from a management system able to guarantee sustainable development.

    Riello’s strategy for energy saving is materialized in the more efficient use of fossil fuels, as well as the wider use of renewable energies which allow the emission of monoxide and nitrogen in the atmosphere to be reduced. Choices have been made considering the Group’s intention to enter markets with a high content of technological innovation and environmental sustainability, thus considerably increasing the levels of
    Within the field of new technology the Company has identified new directions for development for which it has planned to invest strongly in resources. In particular, the Group innovation activities are aimed at the following technology:

    _ solar cooling
    _ heat pumps
    _ micro-cogeneration

    Following these guidelines, Riello has multiplied its offer of traditional and high-efficiency applications, such as gas and diesel oil condensing boilers. Furthermore, a particular mention goes to the development of applications dedicated to the use of hydrogen derived from CO2 stocking processes.