Culture and Education

    The promotion of cultural values has been a project of primary importance for Riello for years now. The entrepreneurial growth supports the cultural field, aimed at improving the quality from a variety of points of view. The intention is that of re-defining the image of the company, not only as a place where budgets and balance sheets are completed, but as the ideal meeting point between Company-Culture-Territory.

    The “E&J” prize awarded in 2003 in the “Quality of Life” section assigned to companies which promote culture, ratified the value of this belief, particularly appreciating the two projects “Riello meets Ghirri” and “Meeting the Author”. The “Ghirri Collection” containing extraordinary photographs by who is considered one of the most important photographers of the twentieth century, has assumed notoriety over the years and is now requested by some of the most important museums in the world: from New York to Moscow, from Edinburgh to Salzburg. The photography section has recently been enlarged with the addition of the collection named “The Arab Sunday” by Vincenzo Cottinelli.

    Another high-level activity is the “Meeting the Author” evenings which started in 1989 and has brought to Legnago some of the most famous names from the fields of journalism, sport and politics: Montanelli, Prodi, Vespa, Cofferati, Lapierre, Terzani, Tonini, Ravasi, to name but a few. Also the collaboration with the Salieri Theatre began many years
    ago, a prestigious point of culture for all the area surrounding Legnago and not only. It is the third most important theatre in the Veneto region behind the Fenice Theatre in Venice and the Philharmonic Theatre in Verona. The Company is one of the Founding Members of the theatre and this bond is renewed every year with the highest theatrical and musical traditions.

    “Riello School” is the project which sees the Group involved in a concrete and efficient collaboration with the world of the schools, above all at a local level, and which aims at preparing the youngsters for the world of work. The school program contains various aspects: company visits, scholarships, internships, collaborations with the main local institutions to help with courses (COSP Master for career guidance) as well as training within the company.

    In 2009 Riello Group actively joined the “International Internship Project” which organizes internships for high school students in foreign subsidiaries.
    Aside from these activities, there is a specific project which aims to create, together with the public institutions, a coordination of activities in the schools, addressed at the “heating technician district”, to form a direct channel between school and the world of work, which also includes a specific University course in the Municipality of Legnago.