Protecting the Environment

    Protecting the environment and sensitivity towards renewable energies are fundamental to both company policy and research and development strategy of Riello Group.

    Riello has always shown a strong interest towards environmental problems through its products by placing particular emphasis on reducing emissions from combustion. The approach which has been adopted over the years and which will continue in the future, involves more than the reduction of environmental impact or the development of eco-compatible products. In fact, the even more ambitious goal is to translate into concrete results a philosophy which repositions the role of the company in comparison to the players with whom it interacts in Italy and the world.

    In this light, Riello Group acknowledges that Nature is the heritage of everyone and tries to make each individual responsible for protecting it. Riello doesn’t consider protecting the environment as an obstacle but considers it as a business opportunity. Developing modern concepts of sustainability, Riello uses natural resources intelligently and responsibly to improve the well-being of people, scrupulously abiding by the internal and external regulations concerning differentiated waste collection and recycling, promoting the adoption of technology and products which protect the environment and support initiatives, even those outside the Company, to protect the places we live and work in.