Respect of people

    A fundamental value, not only proclaimed but strongly supported and promoted by Riello Group, is the centrality of people.

    The commitment of the Company is focused on both the individual and the whole community to assure a solid and untroubled future for all its collaborators, as well as guaranteeing the highest standards of safety in the workplace. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding and realizing the expectations of its employees, while valuing the contribution and attitude of everyone. For this reason, the Group considers the diversity of opinion a valuable asset and is always available to listen. On the training side too Riello Group promotes continuous improvement and encourages professional growth, favoring, whenever possible the undertaking of more responsibility internally to recruiting from the outside.

    To support this belief, the Province of Verona and Cariverona Foundation awarded Riello SpA the certificate for its commitment and investment in “human capital” for the “Percorsi per la Persona” project: a project aimed at improving the engagement of disadvantaged people, through local synergies between public and private services on the territory. Spreading the culture of safety in the workplace is also the goal of the “Riello Safety Committee” which defines and ratifies the primary commitment of the Company in accomplishing the protection and good health of all its employees.

    Training, developing the potential to grow, safety, internal communication: the main attention is on the people.

    The Group has always demonstrated keen interest in training its employees. Back in the fifties the “Ettore Riello” school was founded: an institute for heating technicians which, over the years, has prepared thousands of youngsters for the world of work, creating the right
    conditions for the growth and contributing to the development of a true “heating technician district”.

    Even these days, as well as the regular training for technicians and installers (about 3,000 people a year) there are also in-company
    managerial and language training courses. Particular attention is placed on organizational aspects and the employees’ potential for growth. For this reason, there are specific projects for young resources, aimed at developing skills which are fundamental for anyone aspiring to a position of responsibility in complex and dynamic organizations.