Social Progress

    Promoting social progress in general, with particular attention for the territory in which the company was born and evolved, in all its diverse aspects, to conciliate profit with social development.

    In Legnago (Italy) the name Riello is almost identifiable with the territory,not only directly but above all because it has helped develop in a domino effect a network of small and medium sized industries which has given birth to a true district. Riello, on the other hand, owes a lot to the territory and expresses its acknowledgement by choosing, every year, to support an activity which is useful to the society with donations ranging from structures for disabled people to those for young people or infants.

    The true challenge, however, is to remain coherent and true to your own values even beyond the walls of the company. Abroad too, the Group respects and values the local realities where it is operating, well-aware of the fact that globalization doesn’t have to mean the sacrifice of identity, the distortion of the territory and uniformity of

    Through various initiatives (shows, publications, donations) Riello Group supports the international association “Doctors without Borders” the largest humanitarian medical organization in the world, in favor of helping the most needy populations of the world. To give a further signal of solidarity among the populations, starting from 2008 the Company has bought fair trade products for its employees’ customary Christmas box, thus contributing to spreading the values correlated of dignity, justice and transparency.

    All these are examples that show, on one hand, how much the Group wants to strengthen its presence in Europe and in the world, while on the other stressing the bond with its own origins valorizing its territory and its commitment to keeping it the pulsating centre of an activity in continuous expansion.