An Italian historical brand, present on the national market since the 20's, the Riello Group today is a  world leader in combustion technology and holds a leading role in the European market for heating and air-conditioning products and services.

    1922 Pilade Riello founded OFR (Officine Fratelli Riello - Riello brothers' workshops), starting his industrial enterprise with a historical product: the burner.
    '60s Riello strengthened its presence on the Italian market. It created a network of distributors in Italy and started up an important advertising campaign to promote the Riello brand
    '70s The Group entered the residential heating market, developing the business of residential heating by introducing cast-iron floor-standing boilers
    '80s Riello developed the Group's presence on the international markets thanks to the establishment of a new production site in North America. The sponsorship of Formula One increase the brand awareness and reputation
    '90s Riello enforces its growth strategy by acquiring other firms such as Beretta, Thermital, Vokéra, Chauffage Français e Sylber
    2000 The Group enters the Carlyle Investment Funds. Pilade Riello exits the firm and the  Carlyle Fund enters with 50% of the shares.
    2001 The Group invests in East Europe by establishing a new industrial plant in Poland for the production of wall-hung boilers.
    2004 Ettore Riello with the sisters buys out the whole Group so that the Carlyle Group exits the shareholding group in October 2004. Ettore, Lucia and Roberta Riello become the only owners of the Riello Group
    2007-2011 The Group consolidates its position in the market thanks to its Merge & Acquisition activities: it reached an agreement with the Baxi Group for the acquisition of a plant in France and of Fontecal SpA (heat exchangers and high efficiency wall-hung boilers). Riello also started up a plant in China.