Mission and Values

    Transforming nature’s natural energy into power which fuels life, in every condition and expression: this is the main aim of the Group.
    A three-fold commitment: supporting mankind and their needs,assisting nature to continue its origin as a source of well-being, confirming the identity of a Company which operates to give value to the future.

    “Life has no quality without an objective. My objective is quality of life” 
    This sums up my idea and the idea of Riello: a Group which, over
    the past 80 years, has grown and consolidated its position led by a clear cut identity and a strong sense of values. These values permeate the walls, the people and products: they help us to achieve economic expansion based on the improvement of social well-being and the quality of life, with respect for both mankind and the environment:

    _ Respecting and protecting people
    _ Customer care
    _ Excellence and innovation
    _ Protecting the environment
    _ Belonging to and identifying with the Group
    _ Trust and integrity

    All these values are equally important so that the Company continues to be considered a leader, not only for what it does as a business enterprise but above all for what it can convey.”

    The Chairman
    Ettore Riello