The sign that Riello Group is working in the right direction for the environment can be seen from the numerous certificates for the environment and the prestigious institutional awards. In the competition “More energy efficiency and sustainable mobility” published by the Department of Economic Development and better known as “Industry 2015”, Riello came first out of thirty projects with the project PIACE “Piattaforma intelligente, Integrata e Adattativa di microCogenerazione ad elevate Efficienza per usi residenziali” (translated: integrated and adaptive intelligent platform of high efficiency micro-cogeneration for residential use).

    The project, the result of a close collaboration with the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (National Research Council) and the world of Italian Universities, was to develop the prototype of a high efficiency internal combustion gas micro-cogenerator for residential applications, based on a electric power of 1.5 kW, as well as generating, in parallel, energy from renewable sources. It is a pilot plant, outstandingly efficient from the point of view of energy, able to self-produce heat and electricity simultaneously, avoiding the dispersion of transport from the power stations and freeing itself of the dependence on energy produced centrally. Thanks to this technology, depending on the applications, a saving of primary energy can be estimated at between 10% and 30% (and therefore lower CO2 emissions) compared to a solution with high efficiency condensing boilers.

    This Partnership, thanks to the specific competences and ability, will have considerable scientific and industrial returns on both a regional and national level.